Signs You Have A Roof Leak

Lots of our customers worry about the health of their roof. Damage might be hard to recognize at a glance, let alone fix. Your friends at Brighton Inspections want you to be prepared! Use this article to spot the common signs of roofing leaks.

Shoddy shingle installs

Adding shingles, underlayment and aluminum flashing around objects in your roof like household pipes and attic fans is meticulous and detail-oriented work. In the event the last repair was done poorly by lesser roofers, your house’s leaky roof might be the end result.

Missing shingle repair

You can patch roofing leaks caused by destroyed, shattered, or outdated shingles. Missing shingles are one of the most common causes of leaks.

Wind impact

Heavy storms can best the toughest roofs! You might see torn away shingles, and issues stemming from trees or other debris. Make sure to get a professional to look at your roof after a storm.

Hail impacts

Wind-blown hail can rip holes in your shingles. If you observe hail damage to your roofing shingles, get the problem area inspected

Heavy wind repair

When the wind hits fever pitch, your home roofing may suffer damage. You can maintain your wind struck Midwest roof, as good as new!

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